Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

Campervan pick up & drop-offs are by appointment.  If you’d like to stop by to check out a Campervan or chat, give us a call to schedule an appointment. 

When do I pick up my Campervan?

Campervan Pick-Up: 10:00am - 2:00pm. Pick up times are established at the time of booking.  If you need an earlier or later time, give us a shout as we do our best to be flexible. 

Please contact us 30 minutes before arriving to ensure we will be there to greet you. Please reach out to us immediately if your itinerary has changed so we can best accommodate you. 

When do I drop off my Campervan?

Campervan Drop-Off: Before 2pm. 

Full-nights rental fee applied for drop off after 2pm. 

Please give us a call if you’re worried about getting your vehicle back in time, and we’ll work to accommodate you the best we can.  Please contact us 30 minutes before arriving to ensure a team member will be there to greet you. 

Tell me about your vehicles?

Our vans are 2018 or newer low mileage Ram Pro Master 136” wheelbase high roofs. Seats 2 / sleeps 2 passengers. 13 City/18 Highway MPG. These modern customized vans are equipped with a queen memory foam mattress (74” x 60”), counter top kitchenette, 45 quart YETI cooler, remote operated ceiling fan, LED lights, and many other bells and whistles.  If you are taller than 6 feet please be aware the queen size bed length is 74".  The van has over 6 feet of headroom throughout.

How many people can ride in the campervan.  

The vans have seating and seat belts for two.  The rear compartment of the vans may not be occupied while they are in motion.

What is the cancellation policy?

Reservation deposit (50% of full trip cost) is non-refundable.

If the renter has paid in full and the booking is canceled more than 14 days prior to booking start date, a partial refund of               50% of the full rental amount (minus fees) is issued.

If canceled and the renter has only paid the reservation deposit, no refund is issued.

If canceled less than 14 days prior to booking start date, no refund is issued.


All cancellations must be submitted in writing to Alpine Campervans.  


Are there any travel duration restrictions?

Rentals may not exceed 30 days.


Is there a tax?

Yes. The State of Alaska charges a 3% excise tax on the rental of recreational vehicles and the Municipality of Anchorage charges an additional 8%.

Are there any road restrictions?

Yes. Our vehicles are not designed to travel on the following roads, which are strictly prohibited:  

    Dalton Highway

    McCarthy Road

    Nabesna Road

    Denali Highway (Paxon to Cantwell)


Where can I camp in my van?

We recommend camping in designated campsites, whether it being National/State parks or private campgrounds.  Ultimately the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless!  In a campervan, you're a hermit crab with your home on your back!


When should I reserve my Campervan?

We book up quickly, so we recommend you reserve your vehicle 4-6 months out. We do have last minute openings, so feel free to contact us anytime. 

Can I take the Campervan out of state?

No. Our Campervans are not permitted to leave the State of Alaska. 

What is my responsibility when renting a Campervan?

You are required to use the correct fuel and protect the vehicle against inclement weather. Failure to do so will result in damages due to the customer. 

Cleaning - We ask that the van be returned in a clean and respectable state, similar to when you picked it up initially.  We understand it's Alaska and keeping the van exterior clean is almost impossible.   We do not expect you to wash the vehicle prior to returning it.  A mandatory cleaning fee is charged to the customer when the van is returned to clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle. 


Tire Damage – Alpine Campervans replace and change tires on a regular basis due to wear and tear. All other damages incurred to the tires/wheels is the customer's responsibility. 


Windshield Damage - Any new damage to the windshield is the responsibility of the renter. You are encouraged to use any window protection insurance packages available to you in order to reduce this expense exposure.

Please refer to the supplemental rules for fees associated with window damage.

Are pets allowed?

Sorry, pets are not permitted in our campervans.

How many miles are included?

We include 125 miles/night. For example, on a 3-night reservation we include 375 miles. Want to explore around the next bend? No problem! Excess miles are $0.35/mile.

What are the insurance options?

Insurance and deposit options vary depending on the platform where the reservation is made.  Please contact us to learn about options.

Insurance options and premiums vary widely depending on which platform you complete your booking through.  Booking directly through will almost always result in the lowest total reservation cost.

Do I have to return the van with a full tank of gas?


How long can you run the fan?

The fan can be run overnight, but we do recommend turning it off when not in use.

Does the van need to be plugged into external power?

No, our vans are all self-contained and all lights and powered items are run off the house battery.

Are there charging ports for phones?

Yes, there are several USB and 12V ports scattered around the van.

What are the dimensions of the campervan?

Length - 213 inches  Height – 105 inches 


How do you cook in the campervan?

All cooking should take place outside of the campervan whenever possible.  However, there is sufficient counter space to use the stove inside the van should you desire.  A propane/butane camp stove is provided. 

Is smoking allowed in the campervan?


Can I tow anything with the campervan?

No.  Towing is not permitted.

I’m going fishing! Am I allowed to haul fish in the van?

Yes.  However, you must ensure fish is kept in an airtight sealed container.  Any odor left behind will result in a loss of your security deposit.  Fish may never be carried in the van’s cooler.  A separate fish box container may be rented as an add-on expense.

Can I haul items on roof?

No.  The roof may not be accessed by anyone at anytime.